Sunday, September 24, 2006

I am the first ever TMTY online show.

So yes. basically, we at TMTY realised that by restricting the show to every friday, it wasnt getting out to the audience it deserved. so now. aswell as tuning into bcb at 4.30 every friday, you can listen anytime you want.
plus this means that anyone who isnt from bradford and district gets to listen too :)
so everyones happy.

this show track listing goes as:
New Young Pony Club- Ice cream
Born Ruffians- This sentence will save/ruin your life
Monty Casino- Centenery square
King Creosote- You are could I
Junior Boys- In the Morning
Deerhoof- Panda Road
Faithless- Weapons of mass destruction

and the ever affable rebecca treece comes in to talk about leaving school and sorbet.

so yeh right click the title for save as lovin or open in new lustin.

enjoy :)